Modern Day Life

This world is set roughly a century and a half after the arrival of the Elder Gods. No one truthfully knows how long it has been, and know one really wants to spend time on dwelling on the idea. They have more important problems to deal with, some have wilderness survival, others have day to day tasks set for them to continue on, still others have research on the old ways of technology that they want to see returned to the world’s convenience, and few others have people to lead and lands to protect.

The wilderness survivor, by the affectionate name of “Scavenger”, is a land roaming nomad. Those of lower strength and capability, of ordinary human status, of lesser Lycan status, or just generally concerned with the idea of dying, tend to only have the idea of survival on the agenda. Such an idea is not a bad one, as the wilderness has many vicious monsters prowling, killing anything that gets in their way. Roving packs of Were Clans, some feral others anarchistic, Vampires, feral and rarely in groups, and all sorts of nastiness left from the Gods’ Feast, along with any manner of dangerous wild animal, from both sides of the Veil.

Those more capable and powerful tend to have travel, discovery, and survival as their motivation. However, with their present state of semi-control over their lives, their motivations are very liquid. They tend to be said dangers listed above, but also include the few travelers and even the New World Order aspected gangs that roam (or even maraud) between towns. Infamous among them are The Rapturists, conspiracy fanatics deluded into thinking that the God’s Feast was actually the Rapture, and that their only way to Heaven is to defy the status quo, as they percieve it to be clandestinely commanded by the Anti-Christ.


Those who have families, or just don’t have the strength to survive in the wilderness usually end up rounded into the Feudal Provinces. These are places resembling a level of Medieval Feudalism, however the level of slavery they are forced into, the advancement of their technology, and even the method of ruling varies widely between them. The actual “Vassal” of the lands usually isn’t ordained or ruled by a greater authority. Some are fledgling governments on their own, their ruler either a cunning warlord with more than a few soldiers to back him up, while others are ruled by a non-human, probably a vampire or a breed of fae, but rarely a Lycan, demigodly monster, Nephilim, or Cambion (there are notable exceptions).

Towns and Cities

There is not believed to be a single occupied civilized town or city. The larger cities were the primary targets of the Gods’ Feast, and not even the smallest town went unscathed, so no towns are believed to still be towns in the regular sense. Towns tend to have devolved into battlefields between rival factions of varying sorts, or playgrounds for entities best left unspoken of. If a town is well positioned, or repopulated, it is often turned into a Feudal Area. If it isn’t, then it tends to be the haven of a very powerful, usually malefic, being or beings.

Cities tend to have no native survivors of the Gods’ Feast, but many have repopulated them as bastions and shelter for those who have the patience and determination to fortify ruins, and there are many who have and have succeeded. There are few whole cities that have been turned into a fortress, as most only have the time to fortify a few blocks before needing to seek refuge, and that isn’t even considering the constraints of the availability of water making it very difficult to maintain a city any real distance from fresh water. One of the few fortified cities left in North America is Manhattan Island, now the home to the capitol of the Reformed United States of America.

Modern Day Life

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