Southern North America, Desert Wastes of Interest

What is left of the Southern Area of the United States is not without worth, population, or dangers.

Like the rest of the world, the populace rebuilds itself into sturdy, coherent, but fractious civilizations. The ever imposing threat of lifeforms tainted with the twisted logic and even genetics(!) of the Elder Gods or other supernatural monsters keep people in walled up cities and fortresses. Racism shifts it’s focus from ethnicity and gender to inflicted physical deviations from the norm, simply the ability to use magic, and whether or not you retain the form you have at the immediate moment. Livestock carriages and horseback are back to common-place until the piles of wreckage that are constantly picked at for the parts that comprise them come back to working order.
The flintlock and revolving mechanism gun is the common fire arm, as most gunsmiths no longer have knowledge on the inner workings of pre-apocalyptic weapons, and fewer have the resources to maintain them.

Everyone has a walk of life, whether or not they view it that way. An idle man is soon to be a dead man, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone who believes otherwise. “Southern Hospitality” is not dead, but usually a wary event, as they’ve all heard stories of disasters caused by inviting the desperate looking but convincingly disguised vampire into their houses.

The weather is blistering, barely survivable heat in the summertime and erratic in the wintertime, usually verging between fatal cold and pleasant warmth. Water in general is scarce, excluding the small oases that most settlements and fortresses settle next to. Most roads have survived the test of time, and are naturally still used as trade routes. Behind the walls of towns are the only chance to relax for locals and passerby alike.

Big Spring, Formerly of Texas

Southern North America, Desert Wastes of Interest

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