Regarding "Apocalypse"


The point that the people agree on: A cataclysm of immense proportion cleaved humanity into what it is now, and the supernatural side of the world can no longer be ignored.

The point that is largely disputed: Was the cataclysm an “Apocalypse”?

Despite the new way of life that the world was thrust into, people still find the time to debate over the events that lead to this outcome. Many argue whether or not this was a foretold misfire of an apocalypse from a once-thought madman, or if this was the result of people dabbling in what shouldn’t be dabbled. And the arguments get more deranged and violent as they progress.

But it is still common thought to interpret the events as the apocalypse, or rather “The God’s Feast”. Whether or not this is truth does not concern most, as it was enough of a disaster to warrant a name so fitting. The complete destruction of humanity’s infrastructure and the mass consumption of it’s inhabitants is pretty much what an apocalypse entails in the eyes of many.

But the truth of the matter is a debate of semantics. A handful of the Elder Gods and their minions descended upon the world, and feasted upon all that generated power and information, including any living being with a pulse. Their damage upon the world affected everything regardless, from the living to the inanimate, genetics to the laws of physics, and mana to magic.
Their arrival alone knocked the balance of the world off of it’s scale, and their actions shattered it’s pieces. Such an event could befit the title of “Apocalypse”, right?

And yet, an apocalypse usually entails an absolute end. Most of the prophesied apocalypses imply the complete end of life on Earth and maybe a life in a new locale. But humanity is still on Earth, and it is crawling it’s way back up. Humanity may even return to something akin to the moments before The God’s Feast, with time and progress. So how is it an end, when a new beginning starts walking immediately after? And this is where the “Not an Apocalypse” side of the debate usually end up.

With all of this, most people don’t care about this debate. It’s really a fire-side argument that has somehow covered just about anywhere with a population of people who think outside of their field of work or have too much free time. And it all boils down to how people want to see the future. If they think that there is no hope and we’re on a slow-burn to our complete end, they may call it the Apocalypse or a prelude to the Apocalypse. If they believe that humanity can pull itself back up and return to its former strength, then they don’t regard The God’s Feast, as the apocalypse, but the consequences of the actions of those before them.

In any event, most of the world agree that whatever happened to the world will not be solved by arguing.

Regarding "Apocalypse"

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