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Players can choose a wide variety of roles in BtV:PoF. Some examples include: Magic user of varying types, supernatural creature, or a mundane human with a strong sense and ability for survival. Silly people don’t tend to last very long, and beware the enemy with a sense of humor.

The campaign is fairly cinematic. Starting characters can begin with anything from 150 points upwards depending upon roles, but the preferred would be 250, as this denotes a very well accomplished survivor. An all-extraordinary group should probably begin with upwards of 250 points. The base Tech Level is TL5. Those with knowledge of pre-apocalyptic technology will have Unusual Background:TL8 Knowledge(10) and must have the reason for the knowledge of it in their bio, along with the increased TL advantage for 30 points in total.

Mana Level: Earth in the BtV campaign was a normal mana world. After the God’s Feast, mana levels have been in a vicious flux, as the nature of the Elder Gods and their progeny warp the reality around them with their alien presence.

Magical Ability: The main magic system for human mortals is the Ritual Magic/Book system from Thaumatology. Some supernatural creatures will also be able to use such magic but others will have innate supernatural abilities which are based upon Powers. All non-Ritual magical powers should be built using advantages and a modifier (magical, chi, divine, spirit, elemental), and will often have limitations. The option to use an Energy Reserve for fatigue is allowed. No spells from “magic” will be used but their effects can be duplicated as advantages. If using Powers, Magery becomes a Talent, providing basic magical ability and, at higher levels, a bonus to success rolls involving magical powers.

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The Fae and Their Survival

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