There is not just one universe, time line, nor outcome. What may have been success in one action may have been failure of disastrous proportion in an alternate time line. This is the tale of such a time.

The world had once been civilized and had once prospered. The world was not at peace, but still progress plodded on. But the world stirred underneath its appearance. Behind the scenes were beings of supernatural power. Vampires, Sidhe, Werewolves, Angels, Daemons, and myriad other creatures. They lived in sworn secrecy, never to speak of nor to display their power and existence to humanity.

There were exceptions, however. A division of the FBI, known as Department 23, The Black Chamber, were charged with guarding The Veil, the illusion that kept humanity blind to the whole other world that had dwelt right under their noses. They policed the beings, keeping any insurgents in check, and cleaning up after the mess of all supernatural disasters.

Then the Elder Gods returned.

The skies and ground split in equal turn as the single largest disaster, far beyond the populace’s imagining, unfolded. Humans, supernatural being, ghost, and any conceivable creature died in droves, their souls consumed by the Elder Gods, all the while the very world’s power structure shattered in the chaos, bureaucracies and monuments crumbled, and whole nations were baptized in fire and riotous carnage. All things with a soul, mundanes and supernaturals included, were decimated, dragged down from billions to little over hundreds of thousands.

This was exactly what the Black Chamber was trying to prevent. They had a team of their finest operatives working to prevent this disaster, codenamed Nightmare Green. Though their efforts were many and their achievements were monumental, they were unsuccessful at stopping this disaster. Their failure was what had knocked down the first domino, leading inevitably to the apocalypse.

The price of their failure was steep. The team that failed paid their end. Now the survivors pay the rest.

Price of failure

Note: Currently, the information is “Under construction”. Any information is subject to change, and much of it will see change.

GURPS: Beyond The Veil - The Price of Failure

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